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The printer's dictionary of technical terms; a handbook of definitions and information about processes of printing; with a brief glossary of terms used in book binding (1912)


Bookbinding for beginners (1924)

Cowie's bookbinder's manual : containing a full description of leather and vellum binding, directions for gilding of paper and book-edges, and numerous valuable recipes for sprinkling, colouring, & marbling : together with a scale of bookbinders' charges, a list of all the book and vellum binders in London, &c. &c (1852)


A Syllabus of a Course on Elementary Bookmaking and Bookbinding (1910)

Edward Churton: The Hand-book of taste in book-binding

The Art of Book-binding, Its Rise and Progress: Including a Descriptive Account of the New York ... (1850)


The art of the book: a review of some recent European and American work in typography, page decoration and binding (1914)


The Binding of Books: An Essay in the History of Gold-tooled Bindings (1894)

The Essentials of Good Binding: A Lecture Delivered Before the Massachusetts Library Club (1896)

The Author's Printing and Publishing Assistant Comprising Explanations of the Process of Printing; Preparation and Calculation of Manuscripts; Choice of Paper, Type, Binding, Illustrations, Publishing, Advertising, &c.; with an Exemplification and Description of the Typographical Marks Used in the Correction of the Press

Bookbinding in France (1894)

Modern bookbinding practically considered (1889)

The Art of Bookbinding (1880)

A Bibliography of Bookbinding (1892)

Papers on Bookbinding (1922)

Bookbinding and its auxiliary branches (1914)

Notes on bookbinding for libraries (1906)

Bookbinding, and the Care of Books A handbook for Amateurs, Bookbinders & Librarians

Historical essay on the art of bookbinding; (1883)

Modern bookbinding, their design and decoration (1906)

Manual of library bookbinding practical and historical (1911)

Bookbinding, with numerous engravings and diagrams (1907)

Exhibition of silver, embroidered, and curious bookbinding (1903)

Catalogue raisonnée. Works on bookbinding, practical and historical (1903)

Examples of the Art of Book-binding (1897)

Specimens of Book Types and of Printing and Bookbinding (1902)

Works on Bookbinding, Practical and Historical: Examples of Bookbindings of ... (1903)


A history of the art of bookbinding. With some account of the books of the ancients (1894)


Bibliopegia, or, The art of bookbinding in all its branches, by John Andrews Arnett (1835)